Sunday, March 31, 2013

Javascript resources

Now as per my plan of beefing up my skills repertoire I've decided to roll up my sleeves and head back into programming and scripting languages. Now as I've mentioned in my post on critical mass, I need an intial massive push to get into it and then almost similar exertion to maintain and create interia to not only maintain my regiment but to gain enough readily retrievable knowledge that will pragmatic.
 To that end I've landed on a few resources, free, online that I'll be using. The first one is a catchall of links to free, or otherwise, resources available either online or in print.

The next consists of various sites online which appears to be somewhat comprehensive and pragmatic in approach:

Now I've considered the sites from a somewhat superficial perspective as I haven't started any of them, yet. Even so a well designed layout is conducive for effective learning and searching. So navigation is prime; it not only serves as a guideline but also helps to set bookmarks as you progress.

Apart from the pure Javascript resources I've also stumbled across a few others. To start off is a site for jQuery basics which has intro to Javascript. This will be a nice transition for those who want to delve into jQuery:
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